Ultimate Guide to Australian Shopping

Yes, this post is actually gonna be about Australian groceries, and an overview of bigger Australian (and not Australian) chains.
Let me bring closer the story behind that post- as a person who moves a lot, whenever I go to a new country I go through a struggle of figuring out what groceries stores and department stores there are, which ones are the best for what etc, often finding much better ones right before I leave. Figured it would be a good idea to help those who are going through similar struggle. So here it is an ultimate guide to Australian grocery and department stores.



COLES- One of the most popular, avarage priced grocery stores, personally my favourite, would say it’s an equivalent to American King Soopers. It offers lots of produce, however some stores are bigger, some smaller so you still have to figure that out yourself, but most of them will provide you with a good variety for your weekly groceries. Don’t let Coles Express fool you, as this relates to little convenient stores at a gas stations, still you can get some necessary items there, like milk or toilet paper.

WOOLSWORTH- I would put it somewhere equal to Coles, it seems a little bit fancier but I didn’t find much of a price difference between the two. Just like Coles, it can also be a quick gas station store.

ALDI- ALDI seems like one of those stores that spread across the whole world and every country has a different opinion on it. It’s pretty fancy in Australia, still a little bit cheaper and still lacking some produce like different types of coke for example. I wouldn’t expect to do full shopping there myself, but you can definitely find some cheaper choices.

IGA- I know Iga is out there, but I was always too afraid to walk into one, not as common as the other three but definitely cheap.


TARGET- This is to all the Americans or other fans of this store- it’s not *exactly* the same Target as in the US. I would say it’s more focused on clothes here in Australia, however you can still find some good choices of household items.

K-MART- this is one of those stores I wish I have discovered earlier. Would compare it to American Walmart (except for groceries) as you can find there everything- from clothes, through household items, to sport and camping gear- for real cheap. It’s especially good when you need some items for a while but you know you’ll have to throw it or give it away, like e.g. camping gear for a 2-week camping trip.

IKEA- Probably closer to European hearts, but yes you can find the same Swedish IKEA in Australia, and it’s definitely much common than in the US. Still with good prices for many household items or furniture.


  • Westfields are Australian (Sydney) most famous supercentre, so whenever you need groceries/ clothes or shop for anything else, bet to simply search for the nearest Westfield centre. They often have movie theaters within.

  • Australian Supermarkets commonly have sections for fresh products, such as vegetables or fruit

  • When in Sydney definitely supply yourself with seafood at the Seafood Market, either raw or cooked it’s just delicious.

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