How to see NSW on a two-week family vacation?

Let me answer this question for you.

It’s not possible.

I, after 6 months living in Sydney, haven’t reached even half mark of my bucket list. And my bucket list does not include even half of what there is to see.


But what you CAN do is have one of the best adventures of your life exploring this land of crystal clear water, beach sands, amazing wildlife and breathtaking views.

So now how to have a great two weeks in NSW? It’s best if I just show you:


Some of my highlights and recommendations:

  • If you have a car and you’re planning to go up towards Port Stephens, definitely visit Irukandji Shark & Ray EncountersThe aquarium is very small but if you buy a swimming package it’s worth all the money, as you’ll get to touch, feed and get to know some great examples of Pacific marine wildlife. I was really sceptic at first, but the place got my full heart. Much better than Sydney Aquarium, especially if you don’t like crowds and crying children. 
  • Again, instead of going to famous and crowded Wildlife Park and Torunga Zoo visit Featherdale Wildlife Park for even more authentic experience as you will get a chance to have a photo with a Dingo, Koala and feed kangaroos and wallabies. 

  • If you are looking for a nice, not busy and not very expensive campsite up near Port Stephens, check out Tiona Palms Holiday ParkTheir reviews kept me a little scared, but it was the only place that had spaces. However, the campsite turned out to be amazing! The management changed and you can tell they work really heard to fix the reputation. The stuff is super friendly, the cabins were very clean and it is located by an astonishing, completely empty, 7-mile long beach. 

  • Not sure how popular that recommendation is, but my mum’s guide recommended Clovelly Beach for amazing snorkeling, referring to its clear waters. I personally didn’t like it- the beach is nice, but the bay is very artificial and muddy. Definitely check out Shelly Beach for some great snorkeling experience. 

  • If you’re a museum of fan, check out Justice & Police Museum for some great stories of the criminal beginnings of this young country. As we all know- Australia was after all the Alcatraz of Great Britain.DSC_7869
  • And a last quick advice, not so much for the Americans, but for us silly Europeans- make sure you check how far away your destinations are from each other, as what looks like a quick journey on the map may end up being an unexpected 5 hour drive.

Short post, but hopefully helpful.

Have a blasting vacation!

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