KL, Malaysia through the taste buds

Colours and smells overlapping each other. Kakophony of sounds and smells fills every corner of the little street market I am passing through. The smells are overwhelming. The amount of exotic food and bright oranges and yellows is overwhelming.

I finally make my way out of the crowd, take a deep breath in, just to be swallowed onto another miniature village of yellow and orange tents; kidnapped by a river of people sampling, tasting and packing all those unknown to me products.

Is it a sin to love food?

Why so many religions of the world are centralised around so many difficult eating rules?

Why can’t we have a religion that is centralised around food?

I’d definitely join it.

If you’re like me you’ll love Malaysia.

During my little 5-day trip to Kuala Lumpur, I think I put more food into my body that I weigh. I tasted sweet products, sour products, those spicy and those really smelly. From a market tent to a camper with a little table on the side. From fancy restaurants, through crowded Chinese eateries, to those corner shops, you’d normally avoid.

Many times I did not know what and where I was eating.

But I will share it with you anyway.

There were those 3 little market villages right by our hotel. Each tent selling different products. There were tents with fresh fruit (sold with the option of salt and cinnamon sugar), deep-fried meat or grilled fish. There were those ‘buffet’ type tents, where you just grabbed a leaf, put whatever you wanted in the leaf- rice, one fish, two fish, meat- and that was then weighted for you. There were sweet products as well, like the famous “Apam Balik”- a peanut crepe.

Further down we found the Central Market, Kasturi Walk and Petaling Street, filled with much “Chinese crap”, but also more amazing things to eat. For example the best-flavoured popcorn of Malesian brand “Eureka”, which I can’t find anywhere else ;_; If you’re there definitely try cheese flavoured. Or the little camper vans serving different types of noodles, which are better than any fancy European Asian place would ever serve, and guess the best part- one portion was 2$.

Areas such as Chinatown or Taman Connaught are filled with little eateries that your first thought would be to stay away from, but man, they are worth it. NOTE: Taman Connaught is a night market if you go there during the day you may get a little disappointed:


Most stores and restaurants will also serve those interesting Tapioca flour, jelly looking cakes, most of them taste similar, but definitely worth a try too.

The best “I don’t know what it is, but I will take it anyway” adventures we had, was found at a bakery, fold into a triangle banana leaf, filled with (we discovered it way after we bought it) rice, egg, sardine and interesting tomato paste. Later on, I discovered the dish is called (surprisingly) “Banana Leaf Rice”, supposedly Malaysia’s favourite Indian dish, and it comes in many different variations.

Have you ever tried Durian? If not Kuala Lumpur is a place to go, filled with market tents cutting fresh durian for you, and fancy stores offering durian in everything- coffee, cakes, chocolate, name it. Definitely not our flavour, Ian was running away from all durian smells after 2 days.

When it comes to actual restaurants, there are worth going to. They are cheap, usually stylish and you get nice service. If you’re a fish fan, Malaysia’s favourite fish, recommended at most shops is ‘tangiri’- a King Fish. Used in most restaurants due to its freshness. A little gem found right outside our hotel- Submarine Restaurant Scorpene II, which served one of the best fish I’ve ever eaten- tangiri covered in fresh mango sauce.

And for the end- FRESH COCONUTS- Klaudia’s Heaven.

But man, they are crazy with those machetes!!

Couple untested yet gems:

I hope you enjoyed that little culinary adventure.

Let me know what you think!



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