Sin city

I’m sorry that I haven’t been writing for so long, but I can tell you something awesome, there are three posts coming! First one about my visit and weird thoughts about Sin City- Las Vegas; second one about my adventures in Colorado so far this season; and third one about…. TA DA DA DAM…. my road trip in Arizona and Nevada.


So Sin City… I called that post like that cause of the famous name and because of my thought that whole city pong of addictions, alcohol and sex. Full of strippers and pathetic, disgusting, repulsive, naked people who derive wild satisfaction of other people watching them. And full of people who really like watching them.

Yes, based on my first thought if you’re big fan of Las Vegas or that style of life, better don’t read more, cause my post will be more negative than positive.

At the begining, I’ll try to excuse my opinion somehow. My trip to Vegas started with cancelled flight, hundreds of dollars spent on new flight, waiting six hours on the airport because of the delays and then looking for my mum for two hours in Vegas, because nobody could help me and tell me where to go.

But… I was trying to be positive. I was in LAS VEGAS, I met my mum after half a year. Staying in The Cosmopolitan, for first two nights, helped me a little with that decision- balcony with great view on the lights of the Sin City, great room (that was more actually couple type of room, than family, because of the glass walls between bathroom and bedroom… at least we could shit in private).

But then I figured that there is actually nothing to do. Yes, few museum, pools and hundreds of hotels with casinos, what I have to say were pretty nice because everyone was different and more amazing than another. My favorite from inside are I think Paris and New York, from outside Venetian, Excalibur and the entrance to Treasure Island with a ship.

Then my problems started again, when I was trying to check in in Flamingo hotel, and being 19 yet they didn’t let me do this and I had to run for my mum. Then when they gave us a stinky room with a view on a wall. When I was kicked out of Binion’s and refused to take a picture with 1 000 000 $. When resort fee was the same like room price.

And all these people around. Drunk and high, loosing their money, their family’s, children’s money, with that fool, blind hope they will win anything.

No, I’m not gonna go to Las Vegas again. I went, I saw, I disliked. But I won’t say don’t go there. Vegas is a place that everyone needs to visit at least once in their entire life. And create their own opinion about that place. Love it, or hate it. I think there’s nothing between.

I don’t want to leave that post with only bad thoughts so I have to say, there is one thing that took my breath away- Fountains of Bellagio. Full of life, full of meaning and energy like real dancers. It’s art. And it’s something that you have to see.

Also effect that I liked, I saw and in Ceasar Palace, and Paris hotel, and in a shopping mall next to The Cosmo, was sky inside. You had a feeling that you went outside during the twilight. Unfortunately camera don’t really fall for it. Later I was explained that effect is to keep you inside. What makes sense.


Worth going in my opinion is Circus Circus with the biggest (I’ve heard) indoor theme park (two big roller coasters), the only “casino for children” I’ve seen and little circus shows.

At the end few photos, at least they look nice.






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