The Golden State- land of Wind and Sun

“It’s a possibility of having dream come true that makes life so interesting.” ~Paulo Coelho

If you don’t know yet that post will be about my trip to sunny, windy and beautiful Southern California. Firstly irony of my life- first thing that I saw during landing were clouds around the whole sky and I couldn’t not to ask myself a question- “Where is that damn Californian Sun?”


I could actually call that trip a half road trip, because blest with a car and send away I saw nearly 90 miles of south coast.


What I really liked in Oceanside, that I haven’t found anywhere else, was incredible similarity to my home town- Sopot, Poland. Of course when we don’t look at all palm trees and so high temperature in April. A year ago I’ve never thought I could say something like that, apparently live in the foreign land can change a man.

Of course, the biggest similarity is the pier. For these that don’t know Sopot, we have the longest wooden pier in Europe. That one in Oceanside is fourth the longest in California and is exactly 84, 5 metres (277 feet) longer than my pier in Sopot. One day I went there in the evening and when I was standing at the end, watching water and coast lights I almost moved to all these summers that I spent on pier in Poland. Of course I had to ignore english voices around me. But it was amazing feeling.

The same evening I drift into Sunset Market with hundreds of stalls with food, clothes, art, perfumes and all these things yoou can dream about. I bought myself tens of incense sticks in every smell and I was offered to try Chennel No. 5, made of… oil.


First think that I was told about that city by my host, was that it’s very famous and popular among tourists and that she doesn’t really like that place. It’s very possible that cause of that was first thing she saw, when she came here and it were black bags with bodies of the couple that was hit by a train.

But, ignoring dark stories, Carlsbad I could call beautiful-normal. Beautiful, becuase, well what in California isn’t beautiful? And normal, becuause it was typicall, averages, seaside village with beach; market full of fresh strawberries; fish shops and restaurants.

Very funny thing about south coast you can see on third picture. Every or almost every village along the coastline has the same sign with its name, in the centre, over Coast Highway (that actually is very amazing to drive, cause it goes all the time along the ocean).

Very intresting and uncommon thing that I found in Carsbad was Old World Centre, which was few shops in the centre stylized on village few centuries ago. First thing that you can see is pretty big building with Irish tavern.


It took little time to learn how to pronounce that name, specially when you’re visualizer and you see something else that you hear.
It’s worth seeing, mainly because of known in whole world, and for sure in whole USA habitat of seals. It’s very funny story, because at the begining they had children’s pool there, considering coast line and very rare on the south flat beach. But not only children liked that places, there were also seals, who started coming more often. After long discussion people decided to leave them as an touristic attraction.

Also lot of rocks around the beach create amazing effect. There is also very interesting tunnel that will take you to view that will take you’re breath away. Of course my weird nature wanted to see more and more and was pushing me further on rocks, and big waves were coming closer and closer, and were creating panic in my heart.

DSC_3483Of course seal aren’t the only animals leaving in La Jolla. Squirrels want photos too.






And please tell me – you see dinasour here too, right? 





First thing I saw when I got out of the car was one of Seward Johnson’s sculptures, called “Uncoditional Surrender” pattern on photograph “V-1 day in Times Square” Alfred Eisenstaedt’s, it was a day when USA conquered Japan. You don’t know what I’m talking about? Maybe photo will refresh you’re memory.

Even art remind me about my loneliness and poor social life.

What San Diego can be proud of for sure is big, obstructing horizontal line and for sure taking breath away, flattop USS “Midway”, one of three Midway type ships, that were serving in U.S. Navy till 90’s. Comparison to that ship our ORP “Błyskawica” (Republic of Poland’s ship “lightining”- distroyer from my home city) is a fish boat.

Very interesting place that San Diego can be proud of its indyvituality is Old Town Historic State Park, that includes buildings from times San Diego were being built at the end of XVIII century. They have there restaurants, hotel, souvenir shops, museums like for example first school or court and Old Town Market.

On your way to Old Town, you should take a ride on Scenic Drive over the city. Good idea is to leave a car on Serra Museum parking and take one of trails down the hill. You can for a secend be alone with nature. In the city centre.


No, I’m not crazy and I relly can think. But yes, I went to Tijuana all by myself. I left my car in USA (the cheapest way- 7$) and crossed a border on foot. It’s amazing how world can change after crossing one building. Beggars,touts ,rubbish… Smell. That smell.. If blind person crossed a border they would know immediately, they’re in Mexico.

I experiened that weird feeling when my eyes and legs were pushing me forward, so I could see, I could find, but my mind was screaming “stop! what are you doing?! turn back! now!”.


Don’t be suprise I don’t have lot of photos.
On the american border I had pretty funny conversation with one of officers.
-What you were doing there?
-Just checking.
-You’re not afraid?
-You’re a brave soldier.

So everyone can know now- I’m a brave soldier. Or stupid. After these words and my trip I realize that there is very fine line between courage and stupidity.

But I have to admit, after that visit my self-esteem jumped 1000%. On every corner I could hear how beutiful I am.

If you know California a little bit, you had to realize that I wrote about villages from North to South. With one exception. Village that I left for the end is the closest to my heart. It should be placed between Carlsbad and La Jolla.


Surfers’ village, with beaches, shops and restaurants. I had to be there, of course. First thing that captivated me there were streets.

Isn’t that brilliant idea?
At the begining I went to Meditation Gardens, that would attract attention everyone who entres the village. It was a day of field trips, but even wave of teenagers couldn’t eclipse charm of that place.

After that I went to typical touristic beach, but when I left I couldn’t not to see hill over the city. My curious nature pulled me there.

Exactly there, on Cornish Street, street without sidewalks, with beautiful houses and hundreds of flowers, I lost my heart. And damn me, I couldn’t find it.

When I realize that it’s time to sit somewhere, I got to the most beautiful beach, I’ve ever seen. But I think word ”beach”  is too much.

If you saw weird difference- these are pictures from the same beach, but took in two different days, once on late afternoon, and then in the morning.

Yes, I know. On the last picture we have a surfer and if someone wanted to see all my pictures, whole serie would be with him as the lead. By way of apology, I’ll say- I was just taking pictures of high tide. He was there in front of my camera, fighting with waves, friutlessly trying to get out of there. I’m not some kind of creepy stalker.

I hope I didn’t forget about anything.

Questions, advices?




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