Chasing photo of my life

I did it!
Yes I know, because of title you probably think that I took photo of my life. Well… No.
I started writing that post!
I’ve been siting to start for last three days and I couldn’t sit.
But now I am, I’m writing and I hope there will become nice and snappy post.

What about photo of my life? I will leave that to your assessment. I took a few (200) good and couple (10) very good photos, but I don’t feel if I can call any of them photo of my life.

So, Glenwood Springs… Now I am after few trips to mountain villages in Colorado and first think that I thought about all of them was- they all look like Santa Claus. Like time for them would stop on Christmas.

Let’s talk about “hot springs”, that Glenwood is known for. They are, yes, but they’re connected to the pool. So hot springs are just hot swimming pool, where the only thing left to do is convincing your brain that it’s middle of the winter and it shouldn’t be warm when you’re running outside in a swimsuit. It’s weird.


On reception in my motel I’ve met a guy who told me that both his parents are Polish and it’s lot of Polish people around there. And, indeed I’ve seen Polish restaurant, I’ve heard a lot of my native language and in shop I found our “Pączki” (kind of our donuts).


When I was walking on Two Rivers Trial I’ve met a man, sitting under the arbor, who told me that few weeks before he’ve seen an eagly on one of these, how he called them, “ugly” trees. I was a little dissapointed that I haven’t had possibility to see it. That could be photo of life.



On the same trial I found
very interesting “sculpture?”





Just on entrance to Glenwood Springs you can see mountain tram. This is where Adventure Park is located. It’s for sure more attractive to go there during the summer because of more open attractions. But place covered by snow also has its charm.

There are two caves up there. They’re called “King’s Row” and I think “Fairy Cave”. The same on webpage and posters in the Park you can see information that if you have time only for one cave they recommend King’s Row. Don’t believe them! I was thinking about going only to one of them, but I’m glad that I saw both. Fairy cave is a real cave with corridors when you can lost yourself and one of them is made like it was in XIX/XX century.

And one moment you’re going out to see that view.

Attraction of the second one was room, where you stay in the row (that’s why the name) and watching natural sculptures that people matched to some characters, like for example that Jabba de Hatt.


In my opinion the only intrasting part of that cave was the legend about a dragon, living in a cave’s vent and his footprint.


But when I was going down with a tram I had a little poser. Maybe you can help me. WHAT IS THAT?


For me it looks like very fat female deer.

During my trip I went also to Aspen. Accomodation there is something about 400$-1000$ per night. I’ve been standing for few minutes, freezing with red nose under the Jerome Hotel, but no one beautiful and rich have seen me.

Aspen was something that I’ve needed. But I’m not telling about the village, altough it was cute. In my chasing ideal photo I went on rio Grande Trial. You have no idea how excited I was when I found that place. I’ve been marching like a soldier, telling under my nose all around “I will take that picture, I will take that picture, I will take that damn picture.”
And actually I took picture that could be ideal. Exactly two pictures and absolutely by accident.  For walking one side I took a picture of place that was in sunlight and when I was going back sun was covered by mountain.
Effect was amazing.
I called that Magic of Sun.


I promise, I’ve did nothing with second photo.
And there is a funny story associated with first one.  When Klaudia realised “Oh gosh, that place and that river is beautiful, I need to go down”, after she saw delicate footprints in snow, without lot of thinking she decided “I’m going down!”, she did a step… And got stuck with whole one leg in snow.
I won’t disagree, I had to look pretty funny. That’s why after checking if no one have seen that, I started thinking how to get out without changing colour of my camera. Doesn’t matter that it have had already half of the lens white.
I did it, but it doesn’t mean that it ended my tries to get down.

What about my motel? Cute, like all these motels in American movies that characters go to to have sex, for proof of that opinion I had all canals in TV. Equipped only with cups, without any cutlery. So with my instant soups and internal hate for carrying balls and spoons I had to deal with that somehow.

Necessity is a mother of invention






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