I’m right now during, I think the most tropical journey I ever had, and unfotunately (or fortunately) beautiful views, lot of things to try, warm ocean, hot sun and very bad network make writing very hard. To make that a little clearly for you- some photos and short trip around Point in the Middle- Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico.

“Don’t say that it’s over. It’s just a new beginning.”

Today I have a little more time to sort a little all my thoughts, because of bad weather (what doesn’t mean cold here, of course) and plans that didn’t well good.

Yesterday I was asked, according to tradition, what am I thankful for? And I started think. Maybe it would be easier to say what I’m not thankful for.
For sure I’m thankful for my family that support me in every stupid and often childish idea.
I’m thankful for chance to make my dreams come true and for another world that welcomed me with open arms.
For health and life, for that I can give myself to all my passions, for possibility to travel, discover and try.
I’m thankful for fortitude, that saying to never give up.
I’m thankful for nature, that it haven’t let us harness itself.
I’m thankful for seas and oceans.

I don’t know how is with you, but I, when I feel smell of salt in the air, touch of waves on my feet, when I hear delicate lap of water, I know, that I was a fish in my previous life.

Ocean is giving me power, energy, will to discover, getting known. To live. Sometimes I have moments that I want it to engulf me. I want wave to take me in its arms.

If I lived in Ancient Greece, I’d be Poseidon’s preistess.

But, it’s enough nostalgia for today.

Maybe you have some questions? Some myths to check?

So far no bad day is AS bad and it can’t be waste. I’m waiting for a wave, boogie board is ready!





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