So, Nashville.
What can I say about that place? Despite that I spend there almost 50$ on one souvenire? (It was so beautiful that I even didn’t look at the price, but on cashdesk it was o little “oh”)

So, firstly, if don’t have enough power to read it to the end, Nashville in one sentence, actually verbless sentence:

Music live, Elvis Presley and country shoes.

For country music fans- heaven. But I have to say for rock fans, who I think I can say I belong to, also very good place.

And now longer version. First time when I go out on Nashville streets it was Tuesday night. Lights, instruments in every window, and music heard from every pub. Every. Empty or full. Young and old artists was playing everywhere.
On the street in every minute you can meet a guy in a hat a’la Lucky Luke, with guitar in his hand or on his back.
Even weird black boxes play music, so your soul couldn’t stop dancing when you go out to take a breath of fresh air.

With every pub (what I have to say everyone has its own style and atmosphere) intermingle stores with, as I called them, cowboy’s shoes. Big avenues full of sheos in every colour and pattern.
Okay, but I thought, maybe it’s Tuesday, evening party started, it’s Nahsvegas indeed.
But I went out on the same street during the day and… music is playing still. They sing and play 24/7. Different world. And I thought it does exist only in movies.

Another thing? Whiskey. Oh mummy. Whiskey flavours like there I have never even dreamt about before.
Do you like apple pie? What if I’ll propose you apple pie in a liquid with a whiskey aftertaste and quaranteed drunken state anfter four portions? Sounds good, doesn’t it?
Or maybe you prefer more spicy taste. What about jalapeno intensity? Can you imagine what panch is that packing with strong whiskey flavour?
I’m not brave enough…
And all these in pastel colours closed in cute jars.
They called that Nashville Moonshine.
I think that’s perfect name.
Moonlight can be last thing that we’ll see that night, when after few glasses of that drink we’ll fall asleep in some random park on a bench.

Nashville rather isn’t place for a tourist.  The most important things you can see in one day and you don’t have to be hurry.
For a photograph discoverer? Better. I found few good places, worth to be lost there.

It’s city for party man for sure. Place when you can dance and drink whole night and sleep whole day.

Few advices:
– to eat something or listen to some good music I can recommend you ACME restaurant; prices are something about 10$, but if you don’t like fried food it won’t be good place for you
-people under 21 I can recommend Tequilla Cowboy, or all smaller pubs, that don’t have selection
-to err a little I recommend you Nashville Cumberland Park


“Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and charm and gaiety to life.”


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