By way of introduction

In a first post bloggers used to put some popular “about me” and I think I should start with that too, to show you in some way who I am.

So, two words about me. Firstly- I am pretty good liar, because it won’t be two words for sure. But, in that moment, I, signed below, would like to state, that on that blog you won’t read, if you wish to read, any lie. All of these stories are real events, informations and experiences. Despite my colourful imagination I’ll try to not vary them.

That blog doesn’t have special destination, it’s not about opinions or specific advices. I think it exist to show you somehow my life philosophy, that I think is close to many, many people. It’s also big act of resisting to lifestyle of lot of today’s teenagers, whose day plan look like: 1. School 2.Home 3. Sleep 4. Homework 5. Time for friend (alternatively) 6. Series/games until 3 am.
First question- how old are these people, that they need sleep during the day? 50? My little digression. But I’m leaving that to your personal consideration.

So at the beginning, one great general said- “Don’t say that it’s over, when you are still alive”.
Life is an adventure and it’s only up to you how exicting it will be.
So this is that blog about- about passions, that are changing our life in an adventure.

And, like I promised, about me:
I am a dreamer, travel kid and passionate user of good movies. I eat books for kilograms and I love sweets.
I hate boredom, monotony, I love discover and trying new things, and I think this is where my adventures come from.
Simply, maybe you can even say, usual?
I can say now- I am not usual. None of us is. Everyone has his own view, ideas and oddities.
And I want to write about what I love and what makes that I feel that I really live. You can say that it’s boring. Stupid. Risky.

There is no fun without the risk.

I am waiting for all digressions, considerations, words of criticism or recognition and all corections about my english mistakes.
Or maybe you would like to share your adventures?




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